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The Widows' Cause is a beautifully designed solution to a dire need. There are over 40 million widows in India where to be a widow is bad luck – you are cursed and almost certain to live in poverty. You are one of the “untouchables”.

Sallie and Philip Volk, work as part of a fabulous team in India and Australia to bring hope to these poor women through three initiatives:

  • Nutrition program where older widows are able to be provided with food - this costs around $15 per month per widow and provides two meals per day
  • Micro Enterprise where younger widows are loaned money, encouraged and trained to run small business in their villages – shops, food, selling fish, ironing are typical. This gives dignity to them and their children.
  • Fishing Boats and Buffalo farms established in India provide the finance to fund the feeding program.

Currently we are impacting over 500 widows and with dependent children, over 1000 people in four villages.

We travel to India each year to be a part of this amazing journey.

Visit The Widows' Cause website.

The Widows' Cause Fundraiser

The Horizons Wealth team is a proud supporter of The Widows’ Cause and as a fundraiser for this fabulous cause we are running a cycling event along the Great Victorian Rail Trail. You can choose to ride anywhere from 5 km to 104 km over 1 ½ days from the 20th to the 21st November, 2015.

Or…you may simply want to sponsor a rider, the team, make a donation or just be there and support us! It doesn’t matter how you get involved.

So, please download your invitation to join us on this epic journey as we ride along the picturesque countryside of Australia’s longest continuous Rail Trail.

All the money raised will go directly to The Widows Cause, giving hope to impoverished Indian widows and their children.

Please confirm any expressions of interest as soon as possible and note that registrations will close by 5pm Friday 16th of October.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 03 9836 4744 or contact us using our enquiry form. We would be more than happy to answer any questions.